June 29, 2012

New start

Today i feel like i dont want to do anything, i just want to lay in my bed. It takes a week for me to do this. Orientation week is sooo memenatkan! and i am glad that its already finish! Wake up weak at 6 am and we had to walk in line like an idiot. Jauhnya lebih kurang 3km or maybe more. Eh really? im not sure but our hostel is too far away from college. Everyone keep talking the same 'weyhh bila nak sampai nihh' HAHA. I Feeeeeel sooo release now! The taklimat part is so fucking bored bored bosan but overall, the activities was fun! nice people everywhere, i tell you HOT hunks kiri kanan depan belakang, EVERYWHERE! everywhere lalalala everywhere! too much korean looks sampai aku rasa semuanya GAY nih, HAHAHAHA LOL! i really thankful, all of my housemate is really nice, kindheart type! hip hip hooray for that! The sad part is, tirah dengan aku mesti clash nanti tak sama class.... Alaaaa, benci!

June 23, 2012


 The title is so catchy isn't it?! haha it just happen randomly after i watch someone cover a song called "maliblue'. Guys,  anis is no longer here! sebab anis dah nak sambung belaja. Jauhhhhhhh nun sana! ceywah cas cas! I know macam tak fair. Not everything we want, we will get. Hishh, sampai bila nak blame on everything nih!. Kemon anis! kemon. Move on move on move on!. So, this blog seems to be 'quiet' since i finish my SPM. Kan?! i dont have much story to tell you or actually, laziness kept border me everytime i want to post something on my blog! daaaaa! cakap je lah kau dah malas Jah!. Kalau dulu, aku rajin create posting menarik yang rekaan semata-mata tapi sekarang dah takde. Humor aku sudah hilang kayaknya ya!. Ceyh, lagi mau ngomongin indonesia!. Phewww, another one day i will become student again! aku hanya harap yang baik-baik saja. Good people and good environment for me to start a new start! HAHA putar belit. I hope all the lectures baik. Everything will be fine there Insyaallah! its all depends on me on how i taking care myself bila sampai sana. Start from now on, i decided to write in english! bukan nak membajet tapi i HAVE to! and must practice to speak in english to everyone, everytime maybe?! erghhhh, this is so awkward and i hate it! nyampah tak? kan! I am a new Teslian. Ahhh malu nya nak cakap! I just love language and i dont know where the hell its come from. Not only english lah for sure. Its extremely fascinated me with the culture and lifestyle, intrigue by the history and art!! ceywahh ceywah. Aku suka gila bahasa sepanyol, france, hmmm, bahasa melayu kuno the best lah! grawwwwwwwww! okay, i think i will stop here.

I WISH MYSELF ALL THE BEST AND HAPPY ON WHAT EVER I DO! *memandangkan tidak ada siapa pun nak wish* sob sob :')