November 19, 2010

knowing me

What are you afraid of?

errr... my mom, she looks like a monster inc when she get angry
and sometimes, she looks like hungry shrek

What is your favaourite song?

officially missing you- Tamia
i love bruno mars thats all!!
Pisang emas- ahamd albab kering (lagu tradisional)

What do you usually do when the clocks turns 12:00?
take a shower and makes breakfast for myself and (family)... ouh really? tipu besar!

What do you worry about?

pregnant and make out!

Does it turn you off if the person u like missing some teeth?
obviously yes.

Your bad habbit?
asking to many question, i love to change lyrics till it not-nice-anymore-to-hear

Im obsessed with...
popcorn or anything crunchy. U give me crunchy munchy snack, i'll give u hug!

I hate people....
who love to compare with others and talks non-stop!

November 10, 2010

Finding me

Untill now.... i have no clue about how do i look when i turned 30, with this freaky curly hair?? hmmmm.. what do u think? its gonna be disaster.
BIG DISASTER! what is my job?, do i live happily and not living in poverty.
hehe just joking macam bersamamu la pulak. Kau cakap mcm kau nie sampah je. Will i afford to buy my dream car, dream house?? .When it comes to "ambition". I really take this question seriously.

Im 16 and i still cant figure out what is my best career that fit me well. I need motivation and a lot of reading. Hello!!! anis, ur 16!!! wake up. wake up. If u ask me what is my ambition in short term.. spontaniously, i'll say get as many A's in my Spm and go to university and score with great pointer.. Please God! let it be. I've made mistake once in my pmr and im not gonna let the same mistake happen again. NEVER NEVER. NEVER. fullstop. Oh yea!! i've just read the rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki. It awesome!! u should buy it! no regret for sure.

oneday, when i live a life that on my last moment of living, i can look back and say "i lived a good life". could it be? u hope anis, u hope.