November 19, 2010

knowing me

What are you afraid of?

errr... my mom, she looks like a monster inc when she get angry
and sometimes, she looks like hungry shrek

What is your favaourite song?

officially missing you- Tamia
i love bruno mars thats all!!
Pisang emas- ahamd albab kering (lagu tradisional)

What do you usually do when the clocks turns 12:00?
take a shower and makes breakfast for myself and (family)... ouh really? tipu besar!

What do you worry about?

pregnant and make out!

Does it turn you off if the person u like missing some teeth?
obviously yes.

Your bad habbit?
asking to many question, i love to change lyrics till it not-nice-anymore-to-hear

Im obsessed with...
popcorn or anything crunchy. U give me crunchy munchy snack, i'll give u hug!

I hate people....
who love to compare with others and talks non-stop!

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