August 16, 2012

Things called LOVE

Hola!!  so how's your life?? my God! lamanya tak menulis..  feel so awkward when i try to think the title and what im going to post. Hehh, this is sooooo not me at all!!. My life was pretty busy with everything. Assignments, classes, presentation, lectures.. bla bla bla. Boooooooringgg! Heh, what to post nih?? God, i dont have idea.. my posting use to be funny and tak senonoh! HAHA. Not anymore anis! i promise to myself to be polite and tak 'loyer buruk' dah. Guys! i try to be more feminine! cant you seeee?! Life is boring if you just being polite, follow the rules and not making fun of people! i loikeee teasing. HAHA. Sometimes, i feel that myself is toooo annoying. I know people try to tell me tapi diorang tak sampai hati. Heh, No wonder i still dont have a boyfriend. Im sorry if i did hurt you. Hmmmm, another 4 days nak raya.. weyh, i think i want to start wearing tudung now. Seriously, feel way better now! i cannot describe the feeling. My heart say: Anishh! you look soo cute in tudung. Haaaa! even heart can tell you the sweetest thing. Okayy merepek! , nak pakai pashmina lah lepas ni. Fazi kata kalau aku pakai tudung bawal nampak too serious.. tak cool! macam cikgu disiplin.. HAHAHA okayyy, change start now! heh, dah lewat ni. Kebabom want to sleep. Sweetdream baby, love uolls!

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