January 26, 2013


Hai uooollllsss! It's been awhile since my last post. I'm not busy, i don't feel like to post everytime i online. Nothing to write though i guess. Yeahh my life is pretty boring nowadays. I have to go to class alone, different section from others, different faces, new experience. Hmmm i thought my new class would be exciting with happening classmates, but seems like everyone macam tak banyak cakap and tak bertegur pon. Oh come on! don't be so serious! i hate it. That is so awkward. This section should be fun!. Okay tetttt* let's get back to the major agenda..

Here is my confession. I have hide this feeling towards you for a very long time. I pretended, i smiled, i answered you in a very good way. Don't you realize that i've been giving you so much opportunities to change?! i'm not perfect at all and i know that feeling when all of your friends neglected you. I've been through this so many time. So that's why i still treat you nicely compared to others. They all 'Pulau' you because of your attitude. Oh dear, please do something. I can't stand your attitude anymore. So many bad stories about you i've heard from so many people. Honestly, i was quite shocked. Dear you, we are living in the same room, we shared the same food. Please change your attitude before 'us' living you. I know part of you is good, great actually. I know you can't make people to like you, me neither. But sometimes, you just make 'us' get annoyed with yourself and it just over the top!

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