July 24, 2014


Hey it's me again! it's been a longgggg long time since my last post. Today is 23/7/2014 and suprisingly, i still remember my password to log in here! Waaalaaah!! doa kuat ingatan sudah dimakbul tuhan barangkali.

 IT'S 23/7/2014 Anis is still the same 'anis'. Nothing change, nothing new, and nothing to impress

I would not be able to write everything that had happened to me through out the year. It's been a long time since my last post man!! i don't even know where to start. Hmm but i guess nothing had change. Everything is still the same. Scrolling down the whole post in this blog and it left me laughing like a moron retarded porn-star. HAHAHA who knew i actually started to write in this blog since i was like Form 3?! and i was 20 now. I should thank to the person that had invented this whole 'blog' system.

Emmmm, so yess my dear sister, Nina the 'cheapskate diva' is finally got married to a man (eh mmg lah a man, gila apa kau 'a girl'). She's surely living in the 'fastest lane'. I'm not sure if i manage to compose a post about her in just in 1 post cause i got a lot to write. So, let just make it short, she is married. YESS MARRIED!  at the age of 22. Sure, i feel happy, afraid and blessed! tak terungkap ah derr kalau nak cakap pasal feeling dekat sini. hahaha. Biarku simpan rasa ini ceywahh. I tak meragukan dia sebab dia memang suka buat benda yang orang tak buat. So, orang maybe lah terkejut nak persoalkan everything kalau boleh. Tapi, eleh no hal lah! i know her.


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