December 8, 2010

The not so ugly

P/s : this post may contain emotional and so-fucking-major-loser feeling-but-not-so-loserlaa.... so, please beware of the dog when u driving.. What a crap -.-!!!!

The not so ugly said
: for almost 17 years i lived... i've never been in relationship . Not just that, i've never like or love someone cause when a guy starts liking me, i feel stressed. Weird isn't it?? tell me how they do it?? when they talked about their boyfriend... my face will turned immediately like this =.='' huh? huh? ye ke?? ouh.... ye ke?? especially when it comes to nadia and yasser love story. Nadia told me bout that guy. How he propose nadia. Eeeeeew, macam nak kahwen pulak ayat aku. But seriously, i just dont get it. Penat lelah je kau bercerita kat aku... kau dah laa selalu sempot. Sama dengan kes mia cerita pasal dia break dengan bf dia. Tersedu-sedu dia menangis. Muka aku masa tu macam mintak dicampakkan roti canai 10 keping. Sorry, i dont know how to react/respond with your story. Mesti bengang cerita kat orang cam ni kan?? If oneday, kau dengar aku tiba-tiba suka dekat sorang mamat ni, kau memang kena buat sujud syukur. Hehehe

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