September 29, 2012

Let me tell you my new life

Being away from family and living life with your own feet. All decisions is on you, you do what you think is right for you. You choose your friends that fit you. For the first time i came here, nothing fascinated me, i just afraid of everything. Im thinking, "what if i can't fit with people here'' Im stuck between the past and the present. Then i walked around the apartment and start to introduce myself to all of my housemates and i start the ''silly'' conversation about fan and plug. I met Lina Anas, Fazilah, Aisyah for the first time. They look at me like i am an alien -.- okay i wonder what on their mind. My messy afro hair maybe. 10 head in one apartment, sure it is difficult to handle! A week later, we became soooooo close! you can't imagine how close we are, we sleep, we eat, we talk silly, we even fart together! Then i felt like, this place is not that bad like what i think before. Nice people everywhere, except for the WARDEN and GUARD that kept asking about ''kad merah'' ''kad kuning''. Oii, ini bukan sekolah berasrama penuh Dude! and the cats!!!! aiyyoo! banyak gila. What on earth you keep all of these smelly ugly cats. Haisshh, i hate cats!! how i wish you could know that!.
What can i say about my new life?? AWESOME!! i met super duper awesome people here!!

SARA and AJIM my classmate :D

 Okayy done with the housemates, i am going to talk about my classmates. Section 7 was the best so far. We got Rahman The Diva! HAHAHA everyone know him lah i guess! why is he so famous i don't know why. And i wonder why this section got so many 'akak-akak lembut' you know what i mean. HAHA. There's so much fun here! the akak-akak yang kecoh and kawan-kawan yang sangat sporting!. Good enough for me. Psychology class paling the bom! sebab semua combine. so, jadi ramai lah! dengan Miss Suzanna nya yg suka membahan orang.. HAHAHA akan tetapi, kadang-kadang, kami semua clueless apa yang dia try nak ajar sebenarnya. Sangatlah Subjek ALIEN. Benda simple tapi buku tuh saje complicated kan..eeei benci! The best part kat sini, you nak pegi mana semua boleh dgn adanya LRT depan mata and and and kalau jenis tak reti nak jaga diri, datang dari pedalaman sikit mesti culture shock.. -.- haishh, memalukannya hampa nih. Mula-mula masuk sini  rasa macam, eh course ni memang relax je ke? mcm on vacation jeh setiap hari. Sekali datang lepak dgn senior..diorang tunjuk course plan SEM 2 dengan 3.. OMG!! I'm dying. HECTIC gila!

I LOVE SEC 7!!! omaigod next sem dah tak sama class! :(

Rahman and Aira dah berlakon sekarang dengan Anzalna lagi... hihihi kena tipu

 Lelaki lelaki malaya section 7

During MERDEKA RAYA makan-makan :)
dari kiri, airaa, sara,ain,faizal,erin, deyy

during PURPLE day!!

my new bestie :)
my Housemates yang tak lama lagi akan berpisah :')

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