November 19, 2012


All of above pictures was taken in Terengganu. I had much fun there!. Heeeee. Maka berakhir lah Sem 1 pada tahun ni. Alhamdulillah everything went well. All the memories, precious experience, sweet people, SWEAR i wont forget! i currently having my Sem break holidays. Nothing much i can do here. I will just stay at home, reading novels, lots of skill need to be improve. I get so excsited about my sister's ''Frosty Wraps'' kiosk at Terengganu. Feel like i wanna stay there and help her bukak kedai tutup kedai. Oh my! coooool! start from now on, i wanna saving. I want to save my money as much as i can and i want to be like her. Just like her. I want my own business rather than just working on regular job. Erghh, boringggg!. Kedai burger pon jadi lahh. HAHA.

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