April 24, 2011

Let me be honest

okay, gonna write this in english pulak. From now on, im not gonna pretend like my life was good, fun and bla bla bla fucking shittt. People see me with new friends, new life and they thought im happy enough with my all new brand life. We rarely see each other now, we rarely doing things that use to be our things to do when we get bored. What happen to us. What happen to me?. What happen to you?. We use to be bestfriend, we were very close but now, i dont even know how to start the conversation through phone or when i see u online ( u rarely online). My bestfriend that i've had since i was 13 is slowly slipping away. Most of time, i purposely on the fb to IM my friends when i get bored but you never be there. Kalau kau on pon, it seem so hard to tegur. Kejap on kejap off. What makes me feel sooooo annoying is when people keluar status
" had a great time today with bla bla bla bla" Its hurt okayy. Im not being jealous but sometimes i feel frustrated when i asked my friend for hangout and they like, " alah, takde transport" lepas spm lah!. I know lah kan, kita ni tak de lesen so you buat je lah macam orang takde lesen. I just feel like i want to repost all the photos and replay all the videos mengarut that we take before this. I dont know how to get closer to you. Words seem so hard to describe my feeling. Oh anis!! get a life!!!!. Im sorry, i cant find my new-BESTFRIEND like you did.


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