December 17, 2012


It's already and my eyes does'nt really want to sleep yet, so they ask me for a walk! -.- eh?! haha. So, what topic you guys interested in and want me to post? please give me some ideas because my brain could not function very well since i'm having this unproductive sem-break holidays. Haihh, LIFELESS sungguh. Hmm, you know what, my parent's become sooo easy going lately. Mama especially, haish! so laju ask me to iron her blouse, her tudung. Abah pun sama. Looking at what they love to do now, i just can't believe! ye lahhh, I thought my parent's might become sooo boring as they reach their 'prime time'. I was wrong okayy. I feel happy for them. I'm thinking, How sweet this one couple going out together, having their good conversation and laughing. How sweet! Boyot tolak ketepi.-.- HAHAHA :') i love both of you maa.


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