December 10, 2012

To meeeeh!

To me, My family is my priority. Without them i'm nothing
To me, Too many people try to change the world but they don't wants to change themselves HOW?
To me, Love is willing to share everything and willing to sacrifice
To me, I hate CATS because i hate fur -.-
To me, I feel wayyy better when i'm wearing Tudung
To me, My lil sis is like my alive Teddy Bear >.<
To me, I should not drive during night because i Rabun and i already involved in an accident SCARRY!!
To me, I really salute my sister. She is such an inspiration
To me, It is difficult to lose weight -.-
To me, People who has Snake as their pet is really COOL!
To me, Baby Panda's is the most DAMN cute animals alive!
To me, To find REAL FRIEND is soo difficult because too many people with 2 faces nowadays
To me, When i'm bored and got nobody to talk, i will make a lot of noises and i draw sometimes
To me, My mom should use 'polite' words if she want to scold me.
To me, Lia should eat less because she's getting Boyot and Buncit
To me, I use Instagram  to keep in touch with my friends
To me, I hate school! TRAUMA! i'm glad i'm no longer a high school girl
To me, I am weird and that's why i don't have many friend's and Boyfriend. REALLY?!

To me, okayy lets stop typing because too many To me already and  That's all from me. 

From me i'm typing ''to me'' and to me i love mee because it's so Yummeee! HAHAHA -.-

To me, I love this 2 people that God has given to me :)

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